Circuit for Pennzoil


Agency: JWT Atlanta
Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Director: Ozan Biron
DP: Miguel de Olaso
Producer: Trevor Cawood
Executive Producer: Ted Herman
Visual Effects: The Embassy Vancouver VFX
Supervisor: David Casey
Sound design – Source Sound Inc. LA
Sound Designers: Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner
Sound Editing: Braden Parkes
Sound Mix: Charles Deenen
Original music – Generdyn Music
Composer: Joshua Crispin
Colourist: Dave Hussey, Company3 LA


Matthew had the pleasure of cutting on set in various Spanish and Catalan locales for the first of 2016’s ‘Joyride’ films for Pennzoil. Post then came back to Vancouver for fine cuts and visual effects at the Embassy. Colour was handled in LA by Dave Hussey at Company 3. The sensationally good sound was created by the folks at Source Sound LA by a team headed up the very talented Charles Deenen.