Special Comments

For the second in our Pennzoil films we went for a rip around the Baja. The online film was followed by a :30 and :15 for broadcast.

  • Agency
    JWT Atlanta
  • Director
    Ozan Biron
  • DP
  • Producer
    Trevor Cawood
  • Executive Producer
    Ted Herman
  • Visual Effects
    The Embassy Vancouver VFX
  • Supervisor
    David Casey
  • Sound Design
    Source Sound Inc. LA
  • Sound Designers
    Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner
  • Sound Editing
    Braden Parkes
  • Sound Mix
    Charles Deenen
  • Original music
    Generdyn Music
  • Composer
    Joshua Crispin
  • Colourist
    Dave Hussey, Company3 LA